PocketTV Classic

PocketTV Classic (SP) 1.4.7

Watch MPEG videos on your phone


  • Crisp playback quality
  • Handles streaming video
  • Lots of viewing options
  • Resizable 'player window


  • Doesn't support all media formats

These days you don't need to be chained to the sofa if you want to enjoy the latest movies or TV shows. No Siree, the digital video revolution means that you can now check out the latest episode of 24 on your mobile phone, or watch your favourite films on your Pocket PC.

If you need to view movies in MPEG format then you can't afford to ignore PocketTV. The program is one of the most popular portable media players around, and performs very well to boot. Besides the usual things like loading movies, playback controlling, volume tweaking and full-screen mode, PocketTV can play streaming videos through the HTTP or FTP protocols.

There's an abundance of options to play around with, including the ability to set the size of the window, adjust colours, change brightness/contrast, tweak audio quality and a lot more besides.

If you're still in search of the perfect media player for your Windows Mobile device, you've probably just found it.

PocketTV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player and VCD (Video-CD) player for Microsoft Windows Mobile-powered devices. It is an excellent utility that has received several awards from companies for its high quality, compatability and great ease of use.

In addition to playing these types of files, PocketTV is also capable of displaying videos using HTTP or FTP transmission protocols and supports a wide range of bandwidths. In addition to the standard features, PocketTV also allows you to configure the display size, adjust the colour and brightness and fine tune the audio quality. A fine utility, you will enjoy top quality viewing of trailers, video clips and animations wherever you are.

PocketTV Classic


PocketTV Classic (SP) 1.4.7

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